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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, November 8, 2010

My very first blog post!

So this being my first blog post ever, I'm very excited! My reasons for starting a blog are more for me. I want to look back on these times. They are going by way to fast and as RJ gets older it's hard to even remember him being a cute cuddly newborn. So here I am, keeping track of all the memories of him as a trouble making, tantrum throwing, adventure seeking, adorable toddler. Since it's more for me, don't be surprised if it gets a bit boring and sentimental and occasionally TMI. So at your own discretion.

As much as I love this time of year, I dread it getting colder.  Over the summer and early fall we spent so much time outside playing, and now RJ wants to continue it. Rain or shine.  Not always doable, and really....theres only so many times you can watch Madagascar or Seseme Street before it comes much less amusing. So we've been going to more Playgroups, two or three days a week. I have noticed a huge change in RJ, he has much better social skills with kids his same age and is having a blast! His momma doesn't mind some good conversation with other moms either! It's been nice to get to know some new people especially the ones who I had alot in common with. I've even met some Cloth Diapering moms which is both surprising and wonderful! Mainly because they didn't give me the "ew, freak" looks.   It really makes me look forward to our playgroup at the library days.

RJ has started talking a bit more which is nice. He still isn't a chatter box by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a start. he has a decent amount of words and surely gets his point across by pointing and his own language that no one really quite gets accept him. We are going to be going shopping tomorrow and to his 18 month Dr's appointment! I'm really eager to find out how big he has gotten. He seems to have shot up so much in the past month or two.  I  will update with a new post tomorrow about his his appointment went!

Oh, it's worth mentioning that his new favorite toys are the broom and my shortened Swiffer Sweeper. Good Boy.